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Sandra March 07, 2023

Canine Tech for Your Furry Friend's Safety and Well-being!

Caring for your canine has never been easier with all the new advancements. So let's dig into the world of canine tech!

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Smart collars: 

These high-tech accessories do more than look stylish on your pup. They can monitor their activity levels, track their sleep patterns, and even provide information on their overall health. With a smart collar, you'll have all the data you need to ensure your pup lives its best life.

For smart collars, you'll want to look for a device that is comfortable for your pup to wear and offers a wide range of features. 

GPS trackers: 

These nifty gadgets allow you to always keep tabs on your pup's location. No more worrying about them running off and getting lost! With a GPS tracker, you can monitor their whereabouts and even set up virtual boundaries to alert you if they wander too far. It's like having a personal paw-tection assistant!

When it comes to GPS trackers, you'll want to look for a lightweight, durable device with a long battery life. Some popular brands include Whistle, Tractive, and Fi.

Pet Cams: 

These devices allow you to watch your pup while away from home. With features like live video streaming and two-way audio, you can check in on your furry friend and even talk to them from anywhere in the world. It's like having a virtual dog sitter right in your own home!

Home monitoring systems are more varied, from simple cameras to more advanced systems with features like remote treat dispensing. Some popular brands in this category include Furbo, Petcube, and Wyze.



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Communication Buttons: 

Dog talking buttons are a pawesome new way for our furry friends to express themselves. These buttons work by recording a specific word or phrase and then playing it back when pressed by your pup. Over time, dogs can learn to associate different words with different wants or needs, allowing them to communicate with us in a new way. Not only does this help strengthen the bond between humans and canines, but it can also improve our understanding of their behaviour and needs. With dog-talking buttons, we're one step closer to truly understanding our furry friends and their unique personalities.




iFetch is a wonderful dog tech item that provides a fun and interactive way for dogs to play fetch. It is an automatic ball launcher that can be used indoors and outdoors and is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds. With iFetch, your furry friend can play fetch to their heart's content without needing you to throw the ball every time. The device is easy to use and can be operated by your dog with some training to do a simple ball drop into the device. It is also designed with safety in mind and comes with sensors that prevent the device from launching balls when your dog is too close.


Canine technology is advancing, and we can take comfort in knowing that our furry friends are in good paws with all the amazing gadgets available to us!