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Sandra February 24, 2023

Why do conures get puffy?

When conures get mad or agitated, they may puff up their feathers as a sign of aggression or defence. Puffing up is a natural behaviour for many birds and serves several purposes.

Anger and Defence

Puffing up their feathers makes conures appear larger and more intimidating to potential threats or perceived enemies. This can help them deter predators or other birds they perceive as threatening. They can get puffy when they feel threatened or angry to show you they can be bigger.

Feeling cold

Secondly, puffing up their feathers can also help conures to regulate their body temperature. For example, when they feel cold, they may fluff up their feathers to trap more air between them and their skin, which helps insulate and keep them warm. Conversely, when they are feeling hot, they may puff up their feathers to allow more air to circulate between their skin and feathers, which helps to cool them down.


Finally, conures may also puff up their feathers as a sign of excitement or arousal. For example, if they play with a favourite toy or interact with their owner, they may fluff up their feathers to express their enthusiasm and excitement.

Overall, puffing up is a natural and normal behaviour for conures and other birds, and it can serve various functions depending on the situation.