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Sandra October 07, 2022

Puppy starter kit, everything you need to prepare when bringing a new dog home

Ready to become a paw parent? This guide follows a puppy starter kit, everything you need to prepare when bringing a new dog home! 

A puppy is a special gift; consistency and routine are vital for the relationship's success. So the fact that you are researching puppy starter kits makes perfect sense, as setting up your home before bringing your new friend home makes everything more accessible and convenient.  

Here's a quick checklist that covers everything you need to prepare when bringing a new dog home.

Preparing Your Home For A Dog

Puppy-proofing your home is essential to prevent your new pup from creating a mess and save them from accidents. You can prep your home for the little paws by:

  • Get a crate for your dog - a resting space that makes them feel at home.¬†
  • Limiting your dog's access to danger zones in your home where there are toxic plants, stairways, or electric cables. It's recommended that you get a puppy playpen or a dog gate.¬†
  • Make sure to keep toxic and dangerous household items like disinfectants, cleaning supplies and medications out of reach to minimize the chances of accidental ingestion!

Puppy Supplies to Start with

  • Dog Food: Make sure to raise your dog on the food they are already used to consuming. Then gradually switch to their adult dog food after getting recommendations from your vet or holistic vet, as they may tell you dog-specified formulas or recommended diet plans.¬†

  • Shelter and Sleep: A dog's crate and bed are fundamental ways to make your dog feel secure and sheltered. Home-train them while you are not around so they can rest easy and not feel anxious. Allow your dog to sleep in a comfortable bed as you do. Get your pup a dog bed that perfectly fits the crate and withstands teething. Furthermore, ensure that it is comfortable too.¬†

  • Toys: When your puppy is full of energy and wants to play, toys are great tools to interact with your puppies. A pup's toy should be suitable for their teeth and engaging - like a puzzle or chase & chew toy. Caring for teething puppies is crucial; help your dog get them an excellent teething toy!

  • Cleaning and Grooming: Dog shampoo, a brush, nail clippers, ear cleaner and styptic powder are some essential grooming requirements for your new dog. You'll need to start potty training your dog for the first few weeks. Get "doggy" pee pads for your home during this training period. They are super convenient, you can place them anywhere, and they'll soak up moisture like a diaper.¬†


Coming to the diet, the breeder might educate you on the recommended puppy diet (depending on the breeder). If you want your dog to consume a meal full of nutrients, choose a natural diet that includes meat and dog-safe veggies once ready to move on from their puppy food. Consider a home-cooked diet with a variety of meats, organs and veggies. A natural diet maintains vitality and positively impacts the G.I tract.


It's essential to train your dog not to bite and to socialize. The sit, stay, calm, and heel cues are great. Once the vaccinations are complete, you can start taking your puppy out for walks. You might consider changing your walking routes every so often so your dog may learn how to behave around other people and dogs.

Let your dog explore and make new friends by taking them out for routine walks. Your dog will quickly learn to behave well if you use positive reinforcement while training them for bathroom breaks, walking, sitting, and socializing. Use praise and rewards when training - ask your vet for their recommendation for the best treats to use if you aren't sure. 

Things To Consider 

Pet insurance and pup-sitting are other things to consider when bringing a new puppy home. 

Pet insurance covers vet visits and medical emergencies; this is optional. 

Visiting a veterinarian is an excellent idea after bringing a new dog home. Research a good veterinarian and build a trusted relationship to get health checks and general examinations when needed. 

If you work long days or travel, make sure to find a reliable pet sitter or dog walker to ensure your dog is left home for too long, especially a puppy!


It's exciting when you decide to bring a puppy home. Your pet's arrival is a new add-on to your daily to-do list. They will need your time, dedication, and care to find love in your home and a best friend in you.

Happy paw-renting!