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Sandra June 07, 2022

Parro-fect Gift Ideas for your Parrot

As pet parents, we love to spoil our fur and feather babies! If you are like me, you spoil your pets like their kids! This means they get gifts for special occasions, including their birthday, Christmas and other special dates.

I've put together a list of the best gift ideas for your parrots - large or small! There's something for every feathered friend.


This one might be the most obvious but be mindful of which toys you get and that they are bird safe. Ensure they are non-toxic, have no plastics, and have quality materials that are great for chewing and destroying. For example, cowbell-style bells and jingle bells are toys to avoid and any toys with ropes or dyes.

We love a good option like Planet Pleasures and you get 15% off your order using code MANGO15 - no perks for us and this is not sponsored, just a little gift for you! They use renewable, non-toxic, natural materials that birds encounter in the wild, like palm leaves, coconut and bamboo. I also find natural toys through online pet stores or shopping platforms like Amazon.

Parrots are brilliant and become bored quickly and need variety. Therefore it's good to rotate your parrot's toys frequently; changing the toys once a week is recommended. With that said, avoid placing so many toys in your bird's cage that it results in overcrowding and prevents them from moving around freely.


Who doesn't love a treat, especially on their birthday or before dinner?! Some great treat ideas for your birds include nuts, healthy seed mixes,  dried fruit and veggies, dried flowers and millet. But, of course, our parrots will love almost every treat if it contains nuts, seeds or fruit.


Treat your bird to some new swings, sisal ropes and perches. Our vet recommended a perch that's great for sanding down the nails and is a source of calcium for your bird when they pick away at it. Also, it's always nice to refresh old or sanded perches worn down or overwashed from poops!


If you like to take your bird on more adventures, a bird carrier like a birdie backpack is a great idea! Or, if you're up for training your bird to wear a harness, that can be a great gift, and a good brand for these is Aviator Harness - make sure to follow best practices with harnesses for birds.

We took Mia and Lambo on a trip to the mountains and glamping for her birthday weekend! We brought her glamping cage that we set up and torn down easily and transported her in her travel backpack! Maybe she's ready for a new carrier by Christmas. :)

Happy Shopping!